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Suzuki Flute Teacher Training
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The Suzuki approach to Music Education
Worldwide there is increasing interest in music education for young children.
More and more courses for this age group appear on the market.Music schools offer several instrumental courses for the very young and teachers enjoy their experiments with this age group.In practice teachers often encounter difficulties in adapting their approach to accommodate needs and level of understanding of these children.
Suzuki Method has several decades experience with music education for very young pupils. Thousands of teachers worldwide share their knowledge during courses, conferences and web contacts. Within Europe the ESA (
European Suzuki Association) is responsible for quality teacher training courses.
Anke van der Bijl has been working as Suzuki Flute teacher since 1990. In 2001 she was appointed official ESA Suzuki Flute teacher trainer and examinator. Anke lectures and teaches at masterclasses, workshops for music teachers in various countries.She conducted Suzuki Flute teacher training courses in the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Italy ,Russia and Spain. She has been ESA Suzuki Flute Instrumental Director since 2003 and Deputy Chair of ESA since 2010. As Chair of the ISA Flute committee, Anke is currently revising the Suzuki Flute editions and recordings with professor Takahashi, founder of the Suzuki Method for Flute, and her colleagues Julia Breen ( Australia) and Kelly Williamson ( Canada)

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Structure of ESA Suzuki Flute Teacher Training
The Suzuki Flute teacher training courses follow the syllabus of the European Suzuki Association (ESA). All Suzuki training courses are structured in 5 levels. A level can take 1-2 years. Taking all levels is not mandatory. Course objectives : To guide the participant in working according to Suzuki principles such as working aurally and child centered, parent participation,studying the teaching points of the Suzuki repertoire and learning techniques for individual and group lessons. Course language is English but written assignments can be submitted in English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish or Italian.
One level will take 7-9 weekends ( depending on number of participants) plus at least one workshop with pupils. More information about Suzuki Flute training courses can be found at
For detailed information about all Suzuki teacher training courses please refer to the Teacher Training Manual on the ESA website
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